This site is a compilation of resources for people interested in pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing. The MFA is a terminal degree, allowing the holder to apply for teaching positions at the university level, but it does not guarantee employment. MFA programs are generally very difficult to get into due to a low acceptance rate (generally around 5%).

The first part of this website is a list of schools that offer MFAs in creative writing. While the list is not all-inclusive, it does provide a general feel for the types of programs that are avaalble. The second part of this site is a page of some general tips for students interested in applying for MFA programs. Some of these tips come from my own experience while others I have found through other resources (such as the program websites). Finally, there is a list on the left of each page of general websites that potential MFA students may be interested in.

I am applying for MFA programs myself, but this list of programs is in no way specific to the schools I am interested in. I have tried to offer a wide variety of programs and information on the following pages.

Any questions (or issues with the information presented here), please feel free to contact me.

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